Lutheran Historical Society of the Mid-Atlantic Announces Prize Winning Books

Tim Townsend’s Book on Army Chaplain Henry Gerecke’s ministry at the Nuremburg Trials and Mark Granquist’s new history on Lutherans in America Win Biglerville Prize in American Lutheran History Read more...


The Lutheran Historical Society of the Mid-Atlantic was formed in 1989 as a reorganization of The Historical Society of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in North America begun in 1952 and of its predecessor organizations, the first of which was founded in 1843. Read more...

Featured Lutherans

Elsie Singmaster Lewars

Elsie Singmaster LewarsElsie Singmaster (Lewars) was an O Henry and Newberry award winning author of short stories and books during the first half of the twentieth century. Singmaster is well known for her stories about the Pennsylvania Germans from whom she descended

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